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You’ve finished writing your book and now it’s time for a fresh set of eyes. You not only need a proofreader, but an editor that can tell you where your writing may need some touching up, someone who can help your writing shine. This is where a content editor comes into play.

Our editors have extensive experience in their field and have worked with many bestselling and award-winning authors. They will work with you to get your story looking sharp and publish ready.

Some clients submit manuscripts that have never been viewed by another person before, or that they feel needs some touching up in places that may not be as strong as others. Whatever the case, having your book edited before publication is highly recommended, this is your opportunity to polish your work before you publish.

Content editing is recommended for a first or second draft. 


What content editing includes:

  • correcting spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • basic mechanics
  • changes to sentence structure
  • word choice
  • some dialogue
  • keeping with the voice of the narration and the characters

Your editor will require a sample of your manuscript, story, or essay, up to 10 pages, along with what type of editing you believe will best benefit your writing. They can take up to two days going over the work you submit. They will then contact you with a personalized estimate of prices for the editing services they provide and the estimated date of returning your finished product.

This estimate, while based on the 10-page sample you provide, is binding. They will always have your work returned to you within the given time frame noted, and even if they go over the estimated amount of hours spent on your work, they will never charge you more for it.

Please note that pages per hour vary with every piece submitted and that these prices only reflect an outline for editing services.

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Provide 10 pages of your manuscript for an estimate on content editing.


You can contact us at MMI to hear more about our editors and the service they provide.

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