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Thinking you’d like more than just one service that we provide? Check out this package we’ve put together to save you some cash on your author brand image design.

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Do you need an awesome image that will help you sell your books? Look no further. Our book teaser design will help you market your books across your social media platforms. We will create a beautiful design that will drive more traffic to your point-of-purchase.

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Trying to attract attention to your books and your blog? Do you need an eye-catching banner for your website or social media page? We will design your banners to flow seamlessly with your brand and your books.

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We create some of the best logos in the business! Get a logo that will grab the viewer’s attention with a design that reflects your publishing company or brand.

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With our book poster package, you get free 3D images of your book, a digital copy of the final poster, and a physical poster mailed to you with no additional fee for shipping and handling. We will use your book cover to create the perfect poster for your event or advertisement.

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Author cards are the easiest and most powerful medium of marketing. They are the best bet for any campaign and an absolute must for authors. They are something that you can use to brand, sell, and connect. All in one.

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The look of your website graphics matter! If you want customized graphics tailored to your brand that will drive traffic to your website and boost book sales, then take a look at what we have to offer.

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At our affordable pricing, you can get as many 3D covers as you need for your website and blog – or use in your marketing graphics or with author swag.

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We will work with you to create an ad that will drive traffic to your point-of-purchase. These ads attract attention and will be tailored to your books and your brand.

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The presentation sheet is a must have for your speaking engagement, and the flyer is a perfect solution for your upcoming event. As a marketing tool, these beautifully designed sheets or flyers inform your audience and work to market your product.

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The interview sheet is a perfect marketing tool for any type of media based interview. The sheet sells you to media professionals, highlighting you, your brand, and your book, and can also be used for blog tours, etc.

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There’s simply no better way to gain credibility and momentum for your book than with a press release. If your book is featured by a journalist or editor in a publication, the PR can yield higher rewards than advertising.

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If you are finding yourself overburdened with contacting television and radio shows for interviews or simply need a hand with your efforts, MMI has professional personal assistant services at affordable hourly rates.

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