My Latest Book Cover Designs

46068434 - black cat on old rock wall halloween night          HWO f Front Graphic for web use

Robert Mackey

Robert lives by the following adage: No matter how many heads have to roll in the attainment of you goals, be certain to smile and wave at them as they pass. It’s best to do your beheading on a hill with your opponent uphill from you to insure the head actually rolls and to prolong the amount of time you get to smile and wave. (Very important.)

Check out Roberts books at the Amazon link below.


UL-02-CC copy
SSUF-04-CC - 2017-03-09 copy

Peter Clark Nelson

Peter works as a ghostwriter, and content strategist. he works with heart-centered entrepreneurs, authors, subject matter experts, energy healers, coaches and companies with a genuine and inspiring message. If are you seeking new and more joyous ways to…

  • Tap into the creative power of Self-Love through your inspired Voice…
  • Improve on emotionally and spiritually connecting with your audience through words, images, and sound…
  • And enhance the overall vibrations in your own self, your brand and message…

Connect with Peter using the Facebook link below.


AWOE- 01 - Final Front Web copy
AWOE- 02b - Final Front Web copy

Lee Erlywine

Lee’s Novels are intense and receiving five star reviews. Go grab yourself a copy through the links below and check out the action! I’m reading the first book now and can’t put it down!



Connect with Lee on Facebook!


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