US Democratic Party presidential aspirant Joe Biden issues statement on #MeToo allegations

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Biden said. "Everyone knows I like kids better than people". "I've never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman". "I am not sorry for anything that I have ever done", he continued.

"I think he's only a threat to himself", Trump said at the White House before departing on a trip to California. More than a dozen have accused Trump of sexually harassing them. I've always thought of it as about connecting people - as I've said, shaking hands, hands on the shoulder, a hug, encouragement.

Mr. Biden gave a speech to an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers convention, and he joked about the controversy after giving a hug to IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson.

In spite of the jokes, Biden told reporters after the event he is taking the complaints about his personal conduct seriously.

When Biden decides to run, it will be up to him to sort out the issue, said Gillibrand, but for everyone else, it allows women to be heard and valued. That was in response to a question of whether he would directly apologize to the women he made feel uncomfortable.

Biden recounted a time when he said the dignity of teachers, sanitation and electrical line workers was treasured and the nation felt it had a common objective. "And I hate they way things have changed over the past 15-20 years".

"I am very close to making the decision to stand before you all relatively soon", he said.

Asked about when he is going to get into the race, Biden said his lawyers have told him he has to be careful about what he says because he doesn't want to "start the clock ticking and change my status". Asked what's the hold up, he responded, "The hold up?"

Biden, who is gearing up to become a Democratic frontrunner in 2020 (though he hasn't announced he is running yet) is facing accusations of improper touching from seven women who accuse him of touching them improperly.

"I don´t see Joe Biden as a threat", Trump told reporters Friday.