Microsoft Will Finally Let You Choose When to Install Windows 10 Updates

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The Bath and North East Somerset Council says that by killing off Windows 7, Microsoft basically forces them to spend no less than 1.5 million pounds to purchase new hardware and software in order to move to supported Windows and thus keep devices secure. That's sort of what it's like running Windows 10, though thankfully, changes are in store. The active hour's feature, introduced in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, relies on a manually configured time range to avoid automatically installing updates and rebooting.

Means: Microsoft plans to change how and when feature updates are delivered to (home) customer devices. So, we're making it possible for all users to pause both feature and monthly updates for up to 35 days (seven days at a time, up to five times). And unlike previous reporting which suggested an April launch, it will actually be called the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. This new "download and install" option will also be available for our most popular versions of Windows 10, versions 1803 and 1809, by late May.

With the issues shipped to the public initially with Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft is extensively testing out this release with Windows Insiders across Fast Ring, Slow Ring and the Release Preview Ring before shipping it.

Windows Game Bar is one of Microsoft's most potentially-useful, yet ultimately neglected, PC gaming features.

For those with the Spotify app for Windows, there will be a new Spotify widget allowing users to integrate Spotify functionality into the Game Bar. Microsoft has stated that this will allow them to test the new update against a wider variety of PCs that are used by Windows Insiders in order to gather more feedback into any bugs or issues that may pop up. By default, this is set at 8 am to 5 pm.

Delaying the release for some additional testing is the right decision; most users, admins and companies would not mind, probably, if the testing would even take longer than that provided that the final release version is as stable as it can be. So, it's probably smart to do those incremental feature updates on your own schedule so the version jump isn't so large at the end.

To switch to the Release Preview ring, Insiders can go into the Windows Insider Settings and select it. By doing things this way, instead of having two updates per year forced onto your machine, you can install one every year and a half.