Mexico government slams U.S. border slowdown as 'very bad idea'

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But Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez said the president's continued threats to close the border, combined with the rising number of migrants, are grinding traffic and commerce to a standstill.

The ACLU and several other groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, had sought an injunction against the policy on behalf of 11 asylum seekers from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala who were returned to Mexico after seeking asylum at the U.S. border.

Speaking in the Oval Office, he said: 'Just so you understand, President Obama separated the children.

U.S. trafficking laws, which were created to handle illegal migrants made up of mostly single men from Mexico, have made it hard for law enforcement officials to process the unprecedented volume of Central American families and children breaching the U.S. -Mexico border.

The rest were arrested by the Border Patrol while trying to sneak into the U.S. Trump did not achieve any change in the law. Now, the Trump administration has extended the same policy to the Calexico port of entry in southern California and to the border crossing in El Paso, Texas.

Family separations were the exception before Trump made them the rule.

At roundtable in Texas, President Trump laments that USA troops at the border can't get "a little rough", because "everybody would go insane ... can't act like they would normally act - or like, let's say, another military from another country would act". "The border security and humanitarian crisis at the Southwest border has ripple effects that impact the entire nation".

But Trump's latest comments reflect the confused nature of the White House's messaging on the sensitive immigration issue.

"I'm going to have to call up more military", Trump said without elaborating. Customs and Border Protection President Kevin McAleenan has taken over as acting secretary.

Custom and Border Protection officials had predicted that the number would hit triple figures because of the huge surge of desperate Central American families seeking asylum in the US.

A senior administration official also said they want more emphasis on deporting fugitives who have been ordered removed but refuse to go.

Under the policy, which was launched in January, migrants are forced to return back over the border while they wait for an immigration court to hear their cases.

Speaking to Fox News on Monday, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said: "It's time to do things a little differently. I'd have a lot more accountability built in, and I'd cut the amount we're giving to Homeland Security until they can show us they really need it". Trump's doubling down on family separation could spell trouble in 2020. ". I told [our troops], 'Consider that a rifle.' When they throw rocks like they did at the Mexico military and police, I say 'consider it a rifle'". The Trump administration is also reviewing the possibility of restricting remittances to Mexico and South America to remove some financial incentives to migration. He's been an outlier for years, ' Senator Lindsey Graham, a Trump ally, has said.