Mexican president says closing border will benefit neither Mexico nor US

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"They'll speak to my lawyers and they'll speak to the attorney general", Trump said during an unrelated event in the Oval Office when asked about the Democrats' request for six years of his personal and business tax returns.

On Wednesday, Neal wrote a letter to the commissioner of the IRS requesting six years of Trump's tax returns, from 2013 to 2018. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday morning that the White House "is not interested in playing a bunch of political games like the Democrats in Congress clearly want to spend their time doing".

Just this week, House committee chairs have readied subpoenas to demand the full release of Robert Mueller's Russian Federation report and to examine accusations of abuses in the White House's handling of top secret security clearances.

As for Mexico's future action against migrants, Trump said, "If they don't do it, we'll tariff the cars".

Trump prompted panic among business leaders last Friday with his border closing threat.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocked President Donald Trump on Twitter on Wednesday after he again claimed that an ongoing audit meant he wouldn't release his tax returns.

"Neal states that the committee must determine whether the IRS audits Presidents". Mark Meadows of North Carolina said in an interview on Fox News Thursday morning about the Judiciary Committee's authorization of the Mueller report subpoena. The request includes returns for eight corporate entities.

"I hope it's just a sign of this first quarter outrage and that we'll quickly move past that and get into the things the Ways and Means Committee needs to be working on like trade, like tax policies, like healthcare", he said. "If somebody wanted to add a requirement to have tax returns be part of that, let them go through the legislative process".

Congressman Dan Kildee, a Ways and Means Committee Democrat, said there was "no question" the panel has legal authority to gain access to Trump's records.

"Little is known about the effectiveness of this program".

So, yes, Trump has nearly certainly been under audit since he took office in 2017, like every other American president.

"Congress should also ensure Customs and Border Protection officials receive the resources they need to reduce the excessive wait times affecting legitimate trade and travel across the border", said Neil Bradley, a top official with the Chamber in a statement.

Every U.S. president since Gerald Ford in the 1970s has voluntarily made his tax returns public. "If the president insists that he is above the law and directs that the unequivocal mandate be ignored, we should move forward immediately with legal action".

On April 2, the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed a former White House security chief.

The confrontation, will in its broadest sense, establish the extent to which Congress has the power to examine the executive and enforce a long-observed norm - that party nominees and Presidents release their returns to the public.

A 1924 law authorizes the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee to request the tax returns of any citizen, although that provision has rarely been used.