Japan Display to supply OLED screens for Apple Watch

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According to a new report, Apple will offer a more compact handset, measuring just 5.42 inches, as part of its 2020 iPhone lineup.

Appealing for help amidst weakening sales, Japan Display is said to be aiming for a total capital increase of 110 billion yen ($990 million) to play catch-up in the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) department and ensure yield.

Apple has now three iPhones in different screen sizes - 6.1-inch iPhone XR, a 5.8-inch iPhone XS, and a 6.46-inch iPhone XS Max - and is going to change that in 2020. This marks a change from the current iPhone line up's sizes of 5.8-inch (the iPhone Xs), 6.1-inch (the iPhone Xr), and 6.5-inch (the iPhone Xs Max) screens. Right now, Apple is said to be exploring two different panels, namely the Samsung Display Y-Octa and the LG Display's TOE touch system, with the first currently in pole-position.

However, the bigger worry is that if Apple retains the same general design used on the iPhone X and iPhone XS for 2019, this will be the company's third year running with the same basic layout.

There has also been a report that Apple will also be phasing out LCD displays by the year 2020.

The report claims Japan Display, which relied on Apple for more than half of its revenue in the year ended March 2018, has been able to secure a deal with Apple to be the lead supplier for screens for the Apple Watch Series 5, a blow to LG who now supply the majority of Apple Watch displays. Japan Display being attached to the rumor is a good thing for the company as it's profits have been hit hard as Apple has moved from LCDs to OLEDs for its devices. Apple had been relying on LG Display for the OLED screens in its Apple Watch. But is this really the iPhone SE 2 though? This, alongside the worldwide consensus that yearly upgrades are costing too much money has seen the display maker on shaky ground.