Emilia Clarke told her mom how Game of Thrones ends

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Some of the victims include Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and others fan favorites.

As if the wait for the final season of Game of Thronescouldn't get any harder, HBO has dropped three new teasers in 24 hours.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted various details in the blue-tinged snow scene - Daenerys Targaryen's chain, Jaime Lannister's gold hand - that only upped the dread in the teaser. You're not supposed to climb on it-there are a few security guards milling about keeping an eye out for any ambitious free solo types-but you are encouraged to take all the selfies you want. In the Game of Thrones Season 8: Together promo teaser, unity acts as a battle strategy for those at Winterfell, as they prepare for war with the Night King's army. Along the way, in the new season, a lot of your favourite characters will no doubt die due to their participation in the conflict.

Her co-star Glenn, who plays Jorah Mormont, told Entertainment Tonight that Clarke went "through the mill" following her health scares.

And if that wasn't enough, here's an extremely ominous new poster, too. Brr!

The 21-year-old actress was promoting the showwhen she was asked to share a teeny, tiny spoiler and oh boy did she. Appearing on Good Morning America earlier this week, Turner was joined by her sister Arya (Maisie Williams) and revealed that Joe Jonas is one of the people who knows how the show ends. This was a death-level spoiler.

"During shooting, like, the final days were really, like, emotional, saying goodbye to all of the cast", the Game of Thrones actress said. "I just knew that I was. not today".

The final season of HBO's fantasy epic has the shortest run of any season so far, with just six episodes.

"If she falls asleep on a plane, I'm very anxious that she's going to say it and not realize her subconscious knows exactly what happens", she told Colbert. A very mean and not-at-all amusing one. Plus, we see Jon and Arya Stark briefly reunite.