Borderlands 3 Is A Six-Month Epic Store Exclusive On PC

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The Borderlands series has always been praised. And yet it now hails bad reviews on Steam. Twenty-four hours and thousands of negative reviews later, Steam's new anti-review bomb system has yet to defuse the problem.

The fact that they've chose to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the first 180 days after launch before migrating over to other platforms (ahem, Steam), pissed off a lot of PC players looking forward to the game. This might only encourage Gearbox to continue hosting its game on Epic's platform, which offers developers the option to turn off customer reviews.

What is the problem?

Epic had also previously indicated that it wouldn't be pushing so hard for so many exclusives in the future, but Sweeney's initial tweet certainly doesn't make it sound like that's the plan.

However, at the end of this month, the strategy Anno 1800 also escaped from the Valve store nearly before the release.

In response to Sweeney's thread, former Valve developer Richard Geldreich chimed in to assert that claim that the Epic store is spyware are "insane", saying that Valve gathers "huge amounts of data about virtually everything you do with the Steam client". The tentpole feature for Borderlands 3 is vehicular combat, which is sure to inspire Mad Max-esque feelings in players, as they tear across savage lands engaging in combat with enemies. Nobody wants to be "forced" to use a particular platform. Be it after sales, the sheer variety, or access to a massive community, not all PC games stores are created equally. And that, without the players having to give their consent.

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Is this an isolated case? No. Even as it became known that Obsidian's new role-playing game The Outer Worlds appeared exclusively on Epics Store on PC for a year, it hailed criticism.

The company offers preferential terms for games that use its Unreal development suite, a permutation which applies to the Borderlands franchise, as well as up-front payments and more generous revenue splits for publishers.

When asked for a comment, a representative from 2K Games told IGN that "Crossplay is something we're looking at closely, but don't have anything to confirm or announce at this time".