Bernie Sanders Releases 10 Years of Tax Returns

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Second book, I didn't make quite so much money. Sanders and his wife, Jane Sanders, reported paying a 26% effective tax rate on his adjusted gross income. "But the discussion that we're having today, right here, is a discussion that impacts virtually every state in this country and our entire economy", Sanders said. If I make a lot of money, you make a lot of money.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a senator famous for his campaign against the unjust power of the richest 1%, released years of tax returns on Monday that showed he is now a millionaire himself.

CAP, founded in 2003 by John Podesta, who was former President Bill Clinton's final chief of staff and Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman, and its top officials have often been accused by progressives loyal to Sanders of seeking to undermine his political agenda - debates that frequently blow up on social media platforms like Twitter.

There is no requirement that presidential candidates release their tax returns, but many have done so by tradition.

"I regularly field calls from people angry with CAP over something Think Progress was written or posted", the official said. "And that's a reason to release them", he said.

"I wrote a best-selling book", Sanders said then.

He said that his view has always been that the wealthiest Americans ought to pay more taxes.

Senator Kamala Harris yesterday released 15 years of tax returns, which showed that she and her husband earned about US$1.9 million in adjusted gross income in 2018. "I don't apologize for writing a book that was number three on the New York Times bestseller, that was translated five or six times".

It's more or less the expected move from the former vice-president, invoking the name of a highly popular centrist in a time when policy proposals from 2020 contenders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are pushing the party to the left.

The accusations were prompted by an article and video published by one of CAP's projects, ThinkProgress, which claimed Sanders is a millionaire but wishes to downplay his finances because it's "very off-brand and embarrassing". That is absurd. Trump wants to repeal the entire estate tax. "Hey President Trump, my wife and I just released 10 years".

The senator, who routinely rails against "millionaires and billionaires" and the "rigged" economic system that protects their standing, saw his income spike on royalties from sales of his book, "Our Revolution", published shortly after his 2016 race for the Democratic nomination.

The democratic socialist's central campaign message over two presidential runs has been an assault the millionaires and billionaires of the country and demand that they pay their "fair share" in taxes to fund universal healthcare, tuition-free college and a litany of other progressive promises. His effective tax rates in 2016 and 2017, his other high-earning years, were 35 percent and 30 percent, respectively.