Watters: Dems Who Call for Abolishing Electoral College Look 'Extremely Weak'

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Frustrated in the Trump era, several Democratic presidential hopefuls are proposing dramatic reforms that would shake up United States institutions and their centuries-old traditions, including abolishing the Electoral College and adding justices to the Supreme Court. The brilliance of the Electoral College is that you must go to many States to win.

The system is lauded by Republicans because it forces candidates to earn votes from various parts of country, not just the big cities.

"My view is that every vote matters", Warren told a townhall meeting in MS, arguing that the southern state along with several populous ones like California rarely receive presidential candidates because they aren't considered battlegrounds. Elizabeth Warren endorsed abolishing the Electoral College in her CNN town hall. Warren pointed to Trump's 2016 win over Hillary Clinton, even though she received 3 million more votes than him.

"Yes I think we can win Texas", presidential candidate O'Rourke told reporters Tuesday.

Under the Constitution, states have the power to determine how they award their electoral votes in national elections. Tuesday he merely offered to consider lowering the federal age to vote to 16, eliminating the Electoral College, stacking the Supreme Court by increasing the number of justices, and doing away with the Senate filibuster, according to Fox News. "I used to like the idea of the Popular Vote, but now realize the Electoral College is far better for the United States of America", he continued. "I think everybody ought to have to come and ask for your vote". Most states have winner-take-all laws, which award all their electoral votes to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes within the state.

Speaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on March 8, Buttigieg championed a Supreme Court expansion, as well as the abolition of the Electoral College.

White House contender Sen.

And if you need one more reason to eradicate the electoral college, well. It will never happen.

"The only reason that they're doing that", he said about his Democratic opponents, is that "they want to try and catch up".