There is 'Good Chance' May's Brexit Deal Will Be Accepted - Henry Bolton

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If they do, then we will leave on March 29th on time. But MPs have voted to delay exit day.

How long is the delay?

If the delay is approved next week, May hopes to use it to enact legislation needed for Britain's departure.

Some Tory Brexiteers who have also criticised the backstop - a fallback arrangements created to avoid the return of physical checks on the Irish border - and voted against the deal are now pledging their support to avoid a long extension.

Disadvantages include: Britain having to return MEPs, disrupting a redistribution of seats in the European Parliament; a lopsided impact on parties, with the EU's center-left gaining on the center-right and a boost for euroskeptic groups; prolonged uncertainty when the EU has other priorities; and the prospect of a lukewarm Britain staying when some would rather it left. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hopes that by supporting the second vote this will stop "a damaging Tory Brexit". "Today is about the question of whether Article 50 should be extended".

Members plainly don't know what they want.

All this has to be agreed very soon.

European Union leaders meet for a two-day summit starting on Thursday, with many in two minds about how long Britain should get beyond the March 29 Brexit day, which is enshrined in law.

Could there still be a no-deal?

'Bringing the vote back for the third time without even the pretence that anything has changed is an act of desperation'.

While the motion approved by parliament has no legal force - March 29 remains the day enshrined in law that Britain will leave the European Union - and ultimately may not prevent a no-deal exit, it carries considerable political force.

Will there be another general election?

"But that's a decision we would have to judge on circumstances at the time", he said.

But that does not mean one will not happen.

"It's still really hard to see how the numbers stack up for Theresa May, but she's giving it one more go", he said. "It is not sustainable, the current situation in parliament", he warned. May's proposal has already failed twice, including in a 391 to 242 vote earlier this week.

But Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, said this week the party would "take every opportunity" to do it again if it looked like it could win. Talks are expected to continue into the weekend and are likely to cover the role of any future Northern Ireland assembly if the Irish backstop were used - one of the issues senior DUP leaders have asked for further clarification about.

First up is that hugely controversial and fascinating vote on whether to back a second referendum. But at the moment, not a majority of them.

The party's MPs had been told to abstain, but a total of 24 backed the call to delay Brexit in order to hold a second referendum, with 17 opposing it.

By law, Britain will leave the European Union on March 29 with or without a deal, unless it cancels Brexit or secures a delay from the EU. Some suggest that any extension must be short, others argue that the extension must be long enough to allow the United Kingdom to sort the mess it has got itself into out.

Will Article 50 be revoked?

Despite the rebuffs and the political chaos, May has signaled she will try a third time to get backing for her agreement next week.

The idea of modifying the Brexit deal or delaying it has not been well received by the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party.

It proposes to hold a series of indicative votes scheduled for March 25, on an alternative approach to the UK's exit from the EU.