Facebook is down - error code 2 causing login issues

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Have you noticed any problems on Facebook or Instagram?

Many people are venting about the problems on Facebook competitor Twitter.

Millions of people are having trouble accessing the two social media websites, and have been for hours, after a reported outage on both services. Other services in the Facebook family have made similar comments, such as Oculus, which said in its own tweet that it working on fixing the problem.

We tested multiple accounts at The Verge, and found that Messenger couldn't load at all on desktop, although the mobile app was working.

Facebook and Instagram has gone down worldwide, and no one really knows why.

Users wanted to post photos to the app but were unable to.

In the absence of the extremely popular platforms, many flooded Twitter to celebrate, despair or express deep suspicions over the outages.

According to DownDetector, it looks like the outages are mainly in New England; Texas; Seattle, Washington; parts of Latin America, including Peru; the UK; India; and the Philippines.

Amid Facebook's hours-long outage, reports indicate that millions of advertisers that use the platform are potentially affected. The site has been down for some users since 9 a.m.

Some users reflected on how the outage had exposed their reliance on the social media networks.

The outage is occurring against a political backdrop of legislators in the USA and beyond considering whether large technology firms - not just Facebook - should be broken up.

While there isn't enough information available at the moment, people are coming up with a lot of possible stories, including a DDoS attack.

"Yo Facebook & Instagram, you done with not working today?"