Apple unveils new wireless AirPods headphones and here’s what’s new

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By launching a slew of new gadgets on the week before its big launch, Apple has cleared more time to discuss its video and news products, and it is taking a chance that shiny new gadgets aren't the only thing that Apple can make its customers covet. Better yet, check out this accessory from Earhoox which provides a secure and comfortable fit for worry-free use of Apple's much-lauded headphones.

The AirPods also feature a new chip, H1, which Apple says improves the wireless connection between the earphones and the user's smartphone, watch or tablet.

Currently, the Apple AirPods (original) is available for sale with the price tag of $159. We should note that the wireless charging case can be purchased separately for $79 by Apple fans who already own the first version of AirPods.

You can buy AirPods 2 online at the Apple website or through the Apple Store app, at Best Buy, Amazon, B&H Photo and other retailers.

This might seem curious at first but looking at them more closely, the new hardware actually point to the much rumoured media streaming service that Apple is expected to announce in a few days. The first-generation AirPods also have the ability to invoke Siri but for that users were supposed to tap twice on the earbuds.

Powered by the all-new Apple H1 headphone chip, AirPods deliver a faster and more stable wireless connection to your devices - up to 2x faster when switching between active devices, and a 1.5x faster connection time for phone calls.

The new AirPods mark the third product launch of the week for Apple. Plus, the metal snap keeps the case closed, adding another layer of protection to your delicate AirPods charging case. The chip is also in charge of better and faster connectivity. But, the new Wireless Charging Case ups the convenience quotient - it can be charged wirelessly with any Qi-compatible chargers.

It's been a busy week for Apple with the firm not only updating its AirPods but also its iPad and iMac ranges. In total, they will last 24 hours with a case and 5 hours of listening to music.

This is even more of a benefit if you use Siri Shortcuts. It is just as well that they have such super cool Apple security as they are a portable monitoring device just waiting for a hacker to activate them.