Winter Storm Watch: more snow, freezing rain expected overnight

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Snow showers are expected to be heavy at times and will continue into the evening. Make sure you brush off your vehicle completely, and be very careful on those slippery roads! Today, we'll have a lull during the day and evening with highs in the upper-20s with breezy conditions.

Snow, sleet, and freezing rain are in the forecast for MA on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you transition to rain before that point, you get soaked. If the wedge is a little thicker, the snowflakes melt completely into rain drops, but those drops then freeze into little balls of ice (sleet) as they fall through the below freezing air beneath that warm wedge.

The weather agency recorded 58.8 cm of snowfall in January at the airport, which is the most on record since 2009, when 62 cm of snow hit Hamilton that month.

More wintry weather is on the way beginning early Monday morning.

"Snowfall amounts may be higher should the switch over to freezing precipitation not occur", added the statement. "Another 1-2" will fall during the evening before tapering off before midnight. Hundreds of flights were cancelled in Seattle and Portland, and heavy snow drifts closed major highways in eastern Washington.

Snow and rain from Nadia will spread through the Midwest and East later in the week.

Several feet of additional snow will bury the Sierra Nevada, particularly above 7,000 feet in elevation, from late on Tuesday through Thursday.

DC will see light snow switching over to a mixture of sleet and rain Monday morning. That means expect your drive Tuesday morning to be a slow one.

-Northern Warren, Sussex, northern Morris, western Passaic, western Bergen.

Storms have delivered more snow to Seattle in the first days of February than it usually gets in a year, The Seattle Times reported.

Monday night: Clouds increase late at night.

State and local officials urged people to stay off the roads over the weekend as traffic slowed to a standstill in some places because of the snow.