The Real Story Behind The Egg That Broke Kylie Jenner's Insta Record

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Though the world record egg became an overnight viral sensation, the human creator behind Instagram's most-liked post ever has remained a mystery that was proving hard to crack. Once the egg beat the score with 52 million likes, it drew worldwide attention including a feature on CNN called "Meet the egg that broke Kylie Jenner's Instagram record".

"Recently, I've started to crack", said the egg, which cracked completely.

It's followed by the words "If you're struggling, talk to someone".

A mysterious Instagram account with a picture of an egg has revealed the reason behind it. Meanwhile, when this egg broke Kylie's record, the Hollywood starlet's admirer and singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh took amusing revenge by cracking an egg into pieces. "An egg is an egg, it's universal".

Godfrey capitalized on his sudden vault to fame by releasing an ad in partnership with Hulu that shows the egg cracking to promote a message about seeking mental health treatment.

The Super Bowl egg. Well it looks like the entire campaign could all be part of genius marketing by Hulu, or at the very least, the company could be the egg's first big sponsorship.

Grieving Ian Russell revealed to the BBC that he believed 14-year-old Molly died after viewing images glorifying self-harm and suicide on the social media site. Now, its true goal has been revealed - to spread awareness on mental health.

If someone is looking for treatment close to home, search in browser " New Jersey drug rehab near me " and use the directory to find a center. The New York Times revealed that London-based advertising creative Chris Godfrey and a couple friends - Alissa Khan-Whelan and C.J. Brown - were behind the surprise viral trend.

The page also gathered up 10 million followers.