SOTU 2019 POLL: Stacey Abrams vs. Donald Trump - Whose Speech Was Better?

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Democratic female members of Congress cheer after President Donald Trump said there are more women in Congress than ever before during his second State of the Union address.

Since Republicans expressed more enthusiasm for Trump's message than Democrats, he might have unintentionally angled toward them.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Mich.) said she's "told women who are pro-choice and have had - I mean, pro-life - and have had some very deep discussions; I am so pro-choice so every woman in America who wants to be pro-life has that choice".

And one just wanted to know how it would go over at the next Trump family dinner.

The 72-year-old Trump harkened back to moments of American greatness, celebrating the moon landing as astronaut Buzz Aldrin looked on from the audience and heralding the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.

Trump said "You weren't supposed to do that".

Trump's guests for the speech included Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence for drug offenses was commuted by the president, and Joshua Trump, a sixth-grade student from Wilmington, Delaware, who has been bullied over his last name.

Stationed behind Trump's right shoulder, Pence "was, at some points, at an nearly 45-degree angle leaning away from Pelosi", said Dudley, who watched this year's address on her TV and silently played last year's on her laptop alongside it to get a more accurate comparison of the vice president's body language. Suffice it to say, Trump's speech elicited the reactions one would expect from the politicians in the room-but no reaction from last night could top House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's petty clap heard 'round the world.

Stung by his retreat on the government shutdown, Trump has hardly been in the mood for collaboration with the other party, anyway.

She suggested that the speech more broadly demonstrated his willingness to lead "our entire nation". And frankly she's disappointed that you thought this would work.

When he declared that the "state of our union is strong", she shook her head with a tight smile and stayed seated.

Other House Democrats were also appalled at Trump's comment on investigations. Republicans jumped to their feet and chanted, "U-S-A!"

"That's great", Trump said.

Although it certainly makes a statement, the wearing of white is a solidarity move and should not be misconstrued as a protest, said University of Melbourne senior political scientist Dr Lauren Rosewarne.

Democrats did not come to the table, and voters blamed Trump for the stalemate.