Migrant caravan detained in old factory, across from Texas

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Hours after declaring that the El Paso border area was once one of the most risky cities in the country but was transformed nearly overnight to one of the safest because of a border wall, President Donald Trump announced he is holding a MAGA rally in El Paso this Monday, Feb. 11.

Earlier in the day Monday, O'Rourke plans to join Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar - a longtime ally who took his former seat in Congress after his failed bid to unseat Republican Sen.

As part of his pitch for a border wall, President Donald Trump pointed to a city slightly larger than Baltimore that "used to have extremely high rates of violent crime - one of the highest in the country, and [was] considered one of our nation's most unsafe cities". His campaign manager, Brad Parscale, tweeted that the rally will be held "less than 1000 feet from the successful border fence that keeps El Paso safe!" Shelby said Trump was "very reasonable".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Wednesday that she would be willing to support any compromise border-security legislation that emerges from a bipartisan committee and that she has urged the White House to adopt the same "hands-off" posture.

"Together, we represent the most extraordinary nation in all of history".

In January, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, made the same argument that Trump made last night: that enhanced fencing lowered El Paso's crime rate.

Speaking to reporters, Tester said it was "entirely possible we could have a deal in a timely manner, which could be tomorrow but certainly by the weekend". The caravan is the first in recent months to head toward Texas instead of California.

There's a February 15 deadline to enact the measure or a stopgap spending bill to avert another partial government shutdown, which neither side wants to reprise.

CNBC's Christina Wilkie discussed Wiles' response to Trump's claims on Twitter, posting, "Sheriff of El Paso refutes the entire argument Trump is making" about "the wall and crime in that city".

In other words, Federal Bureau of Investigation and El Paso Police Department statistics show no correlation whatsoever between El Paso's decrease in crime and additional border fencing in that area.

"El Paso has been safe since the 1990s, has always been among the safest cities in America - a wall did not make any difference".

The Daily Wire previously reported that 1,500 Central American migrants have arrived at a different section of the U.S. -Mexico border.

He was speaking of El Paso, Texas.

Let's face it, this week's State of the Union address was so chalk full of lies, exaggerations and misrepresentations that bestowing the title of Alternative Fact of the Week is a fool's errand.

Trump also railed against illicit drugs moving through the border - but the majority of illegal narcotics don't move through the areas where Trump's wall would be built.