McConnell May Sink The Green New Deal In One Fell Swoop

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"Sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark", Trump sneered.

Want to see what else they had to say? His administration has focused on US "energy dominance" and increased production of oil, gas and coal on federal and private land.

Having a vote on what may be a polarizing issue among voters may force lawmakers to choose between appeasing moderates and their liberal base - among them, many progressive activists who supported the concept of a Green New Deal long before the bill was released.

The Green New Deal resolution unveiled last Thursday is a nonbinding measure meant to define the scope of what future legislation requires to make a serious dent in surging greenhouse gas emissions. And in earlier votes on former President Barack Obama's budget proposals, Democrats refused to play ball and voted no, protesting what they saw as a political ploy by McConnell.

Critics are saying forcing a vote in the Senate would help Republicans portray Democrats as extreme on energy policy reforms ahead of the 2020 elections.

The vote on the health care legislation didn't quite carry the punch Republicans had hoped.

Markey's office responded with a statement chastising McConnell for threatening to call a vote on the resolution "without committee hearings, expert testimony, or a true national debate".

Although no designer has come forward to publicize their participation in Ocasio-Cortez outfit, Glamour magazine reported that internet sleuths went looking for the most noteworthy item: a white cape worn in lieu of a suit jacket. Ed Markey of MA, the proposal calls for dramatic steps to virtually eliminate USA greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It sets a goal to meet 100% of the power demand in the USA through clean, renewable and zero-emission energy sources.

Problems in the Democratic rollout of the proposal have further fueled the Republican attacks.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, another cosponsor of the Green New Deal who has said he has no plans to run, told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday he thinks some version of the plan is "absolutely realistic".

Former congressman and Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke speaks to thousands of people gathered to protest a U.S. -Mexico border wall that President Donald Trump has pushed, February 11, in El Paso, Texas.

The resolution is expected to fail in the Senate.