Kylie Jenner throws extravagant party for daughter Stormi's first birthday

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Earlier she responded 'Of courseeee!' to a fan who asked: '@KylieJenner do you still have Norman and the rest of the fam?'

And on Monday one of Jenner's Twitter followers demanded to know what has become of Norman, an Italian greyhound. But that was not all the first-time mother had up her sleeve.

It is known that a year ago, 21-year-old Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child - a daughter Stormy - from the popular rapper Travis Scott. "#StormiWorld." She certainly did just that, something that not all of her fans were so impressed with, as a number of them weighed in with comments about the event being overkill for a one-year-old.

Over the weekend, Jenner shared videos of the tiny, adorable puppy she named Wesley.

But there's another photo that Jenner recently posted on Instagram that has to do with a vision in red: Her daughter Stormi! Other rooms in the venue included a bubble room, "Stormi's Shop" (filled with Stormi-themed merchandise) and a magical "butterfly forest" room.

There was also a carnival game where guests could throw balls into what looks like a cutout of Stormi's open mouth, and yeah, I might go with a little macabre.

Keeping on theme, Stormi's birthday cake was also colourful and featured several elaborate layers that culminated with a mini carousel on top and a pic of Stormi with her famous mum. As for gifts, it's likely that Stormi cleaned up in that department, but she did get a special gift from DJ Khaled - her first Chanel bag!

In a post following the festivities, Kylie said "I had to go all out for my baby", and yeah, you can't really argue with that.

Just like her famous mother, Stormi can't get enough of butterflies, and the pair even rocked matching butterfly Halloween costumes past year. "I don't know. She's really interesting".