Latest Samsung smart TVs will work with Alexa and Google Assistant

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Strange, but true; voice-assistant speakers are actually taking over as smart devices.

Google Assistant is expected to be on one billion devices by the end of January.

"In 2018, the Google Assistant learned to speak new languages ... expanded to new regions (Netherlands, Indonesia and Turkey), and became smarter with new features that can help you throughout your day", Huffman notes in a new blog post.

Google runs a similar course with the competition Software Assistant. It's mostly thanks to the large number of compatible phones the Assistant ships with, but there was also a huge explosion last year when it came to the Google Home which Google says had a "record year". We know that many are already using the Echo and Google Home devices for smart monitoring and usage and this ecosystem is expanding vastly. In the same time frame Google Assistant served up over 16 million recipes. However, Alexa now works on more than 150 different third-party products and the company is not afraid of experimentation with other startups as well.

It said the number of active users of Google Assistant has grown four times over the past year, up from 500 million last May. That simply implies a device is capable of using the Assistant, not that it is actively used on such a device.

Amazon didn't reveal any other figures, but this is still enough to promote the epic rise of smart speakers, as well as smart homes in the current tech space. It's obviously unclear exactly how many active users Google Assistant had in the past, so it is hard to understand the exact degree of growth here. While the company claims it outstripped its most optimistic expectations for the Echo Dot during the holiday season, Limp wouldn't give a number for that.