Headline: Trump: Iran can do whatever it wants in Syria

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On 19 December, US President Donald Trump announced victory over Daesh* in Syria, adding that the fight against the terrorist group was the only reason the United States remained in the Arab country. Pompeo allayed Netanyahu's concerns about Trump's pullout from Syria, which is a source of concern for Israel, which is anxious about growing Iranian influence in Syria.

"We're getting out and we're getting out smart", Trump said. We have other bases in the general area.

Lindsey Graham, a close ally of the President, told reporters at the White House that Trump will reevaluate the withdrawal plan for Syria, although the SC senator told CNN later Sunday that the President had not reversed his Syria orders.

When he announced he was pulling troops from Syria, Trump said the withdrawal would be rapid.

"I never said we are getting out overnight", Trump said. "I campaigned against the NEVER ENDING WARS, remember!" he added.

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the United States would get out of Syria "over a period of time" and wants to protect the US-backed Kurdish fighters in the country as Washington draws down troops.

In Syria, about 2,000 USA soldiers operate alongside other foreign troops to assist local fighters battling Islamic State, a jihadist group that once held territory across much of Iraq and Syria and set up its own ultra-Islamist government.

"The decision the president made on Syria in no way changes anything this administration is working on alongside Israel".

Trump had earlier stunned allies - and prompted the resignation of his respected defence secretary, James Mattis - by abruptly announcing that the jihadists were defeated and that U.S. troops in Syria were ready to leave.

The statement said F-16 fighter jets carried out the raid around al-Sousa village in eastern Syria, as "30 leaders from Daesh (Islamic State) gangs" met in the building.

Those concerns are shared at the top of Trump's own Republican party.

The source added that Netanyahu came out of the meeting with Pompeo feeling that Israel has the ability to influence certain aspects of US policy, and the two countries are now working on plans to make the American troop pull-out as non-disruptive for Israeli security as possible.

"It is Fake News and Pundits who have FAILED for years that are doing the complaining". It has been freed by pro-US Kurds supported by the International Coalition.

'I think the president is committed to making sure when we leave Syria that ISIS is completely defeated, ' Graham said. He said they would discuss how to best confront security challenges facing allies & partners in the region, "including the next phase of the fight against ISIS".