Trump threatens to shut Mexico border ‘entirely’ unless he gets wall cash

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"They told us last night that they were not countering our last offer", he explained.

Both sides have dug in, with Democrats refusing to provide $5 billion for the project and the president - who has made hardline immigration polices a centerpiece of his presidency - vowing he will not fully fund the government unless he gets the money. The president's observation that federal workers are more Democratic than Republican serves no argumentative objective; it is, ostensibly, a mere expression of exasperation at his rivals' perseverance (one reminiscent of another infamous spoiler of the Christmas season). Republican leadership could play a game of "pin the deal on the donkey" and use the new House speaker as an out to strike an agreement that would have been politically untenable under Republican control - like settling for less money - all the while blaming it on Pelosi. When she previously was House speaker, she would routinely demand exclusive jet travel from Washington to California for breaks.

Top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi has been spotted vacationing in Hawaii while the partial government shutdown drags on and heads toward its second week.

He said it's futile, because no matter how high it is, Trump is not accounting for how far below ground it needs to go.

Democrats are considering several options once they take over the House next month: passing a short continuing resolution to fund the rest of the government, a long-term continuing resolution, or funding all of the government at current levels other than the Homeland Security Department, Politico reported earlier this week.

The White House official said the president wants to close loopholes and expedite the asylum process by increasing the number of immigration judges.

The Republican president also reiterated threats to cut off all USA aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, which he said were doing nothing to stop the flow of migrants toward the United States. That bill has been rejected by Democrats and thus does not have the support to pass the Senate.

"I think it's obvious that until the president decides he can sign something - or something is presented to him - that we are where we are", said Sen.

The Senate held a pro-forma session Thursday.

"Call it anything", he added, "barrier, fence, I won't say the "w" word".

This is not the first time Trump has threatened to close the border.

He has repeatedly threatened to cut off US aid to countries that he deems have not done enough to combat illegal immigration, but thus far he's failed to follow through.

"Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are doing nothing for the United States but taking our money", he wrote in another tweet.

"Hard to believe there was a Congress & President who would approve!"

At the heart of the stalemate is Trump's demand for $5 billion in funding for his proposed wall at the U.S. -Mexico border.

"There's not a single Democrat talking to the president of the United States about this deal", Mulvaney said Friday.

"We are not giving up on that - it's why the government is closed, ' Mulvaney said".