Trump spars with Democrats on wall

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Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the USA government if the Democrats refuse to vote in favour of his Mexican border wall.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi shrugged off suggestions Thursday that she weakened herself by agreeing to limit her tenure as next House speaker to a four-year maximum, a deal that clears the way for her to be elected to the post for the new Congress.

'We should build it out, ' he said of the wall.

"I feel very comfortable about what they are proposing, and I feel very responsible to do that, whether it passes or not", she said at her weekly press conference.

But Trump, whose US-Mexico wall idea was at the center of his surprise 2016 election, could not control his irritation.

An Oval Office photo op with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer descended into a back-and-forth on the likelihood of President Trump winning votes in the House & Senate on government funding, and the effectiveness of a border wall.

He said in a statement, "As a businessman, I know that a transition plan is critical for any institution".

Donald Trump opened his press event with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer with a feel-good embrace of bipartisanship.

To be nominated to a fourth term under the agreement, Pelosi would need to garner a two-thirds majority of House Democrats. Just before the State of the Union in January, she cautioned Democrats to not get in the way of Trump being what she described as his "slobbering" self.

"If we don't get what we want, one way or the other - whether it's through you, through a military, through anything you want to call - I will shut down the government", Trump said as the heated argument drew to a crescendo. He promised it. And even though Mexico isn't going to pay for it, he wants it now.

Schumer is willing to wait until January, when the Democrats take control of the House and have more leverage, The Hill said.

During the White House meeting, Pelosi and Schumer, a New York Democrat, referenced the possible government freeze as a "Trump shutdown".

She reportedly added that the president's insistence on a wall was "a manhood thing". After the meeting, Schumer told reporters, "This temper tantrum that he seems to throw will not get him his wall". The proposal to implement a new rule that would impose term limits was tentatively agreed upon Wednesday by seven members of the Democratic caucus who had said they would oppose her, but lawmakers were waiting on Pelosi's office to officially announce her support for it.

"If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall".

The meeting will take place at 11:30 the White House tries to strike a deal to avoid a government shutdown when the current funding agreement expires after December 21.