Security guard arrested in presumed death of woman in Costa Rica

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Walter Espinoza, a government spokesman said in a press conference that they still can not provide any details or confirm that the body belongs to 36-year-old Stefaniak.

One of the security guards working at the property has been detained as a suspect, Espinoza said.

Stefaniak, 36, was on a trip to celebrate her birthday with her sister-in-law and friend, April Burton.

- All signs indicate that a body that was found Monday in Costa Rica is that of a Broward County woman who was reported missing last week, authorities announced Tuesday.

Officials said a separate task force with K9s searched Stefaniak's room and found "biological fluids compatible with blood" that were sent for testing.

Stefaniak had spent most of the week in Costa Rica with her sister-in-law who left a day early.

The last time the family heard from Carla was the night of November 22. It was discovered partially buried in plastic bags in a mountainous area. "Her family members are going to Costa Rica to try to find her, and any donation will help them in their search", the description read.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Stefaniak's last message to her family said: "It's pretty sketchy here", that the power was out and it was pouring rain. She Facetimed a friend in NY, telling him she was going to ask the security guard to buy her a bottle of water.

Carla Stefaniak went missing on November 28. Authorities have yet to confirm if the body of the femaly found in Escazu is the disappeared tourist
Carla Stefaniak went missing on November 28. Authorities have yet to confirm if the body of the femaly found in Escazu is the disappeared tourist

Burton left the country November 27, and Stefaniak's flight back to Florida was scheduled for the next day.

The suspect, who has a surname Espinoza Martinez, is a 32-year-old Nicaraguan immigrant who has been in Costa Rica since June.

"All the data we've compiled points to this being her; however, we want a determination that is more precise, more technical and more scientific", said Espinoza.

Martinez was on the "security team" for the AirBnB complex Stefaniak was staying in, according to a statement made by Walter Espinoza, director general of the investigative agency in the Stefaniak case. To BBC, he said, "It's a awful wait, and every single minute that Costa Rican officials are not showing the body is just a tremendous amount of pain on the family".

So Stefaniak dropped off the rental vehicle and Antonieta at the airport, then ordered an Uber to take her to her AirBnB where she planned to stay until her flight the next day.

Authorities found Stefaniak's body around noon Monday in a wooded area of the San Jose neighborhood of San Antonio de Escazu. "We will update everyone as soon as we know". Airbnb told CBS News it has no comment, and Uber said it will assist local authorities.

Authorities are waiting for autopsy results, which could be released Tuesday.

That same night, she was Facetiming with a friend in NY when the call dropped about 9pm. Ms Stefaniak had planned to fly back to the United States the following day but never arrived for her flight.