Roger the muscular kangaroo dies, aged 12

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The kangaroo was the reason why Barns went on to build the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, a refuge for kangaroos in Australia's Northern Territory, and where Roger spent the rest of his life.

Chris "Brolga" Barnes rescued Roger in 2006 when he was just a baby joey, after his mother got hit by a auto, and built the sanctuary to house him and other kangaroos like him.

Roger sprang to fame in 2015 when a photograph of him crushing a metal bucket between his paws went viral.

Sanctuary manager Chris "Brolga" Barnes announced Roger's death on Facebook on Saturday.

"We will reflect on his life today and many years to come". In the National Geographic clip, the narrator explains that Roger was truculent toward Barns because he viewed him as a threat to his "harem" of wives.

"Roger was as muscular as they come", Mr Barns said, pointing out that while his size and strength were not entirely unusual, they still set him apart from many other male kangaroos.

The Sanctuary wrote, 'Sadly Roger has passed away of old age.

The massive red kangaroo weighed almost 200 pounds and stood about six feet seven inches, according to the sanctuary.

Kangaroos can live for as long as 14 years but rarely make it to that age when in the wild.

"He will always be here", Mr Barns said.

Mr Barns said Roger had been buried in the park so "he will always be here".

A couple of years ago, the sanctuary published another video on Facebook of Roger sprawled on his back in the dirt.

It was lovely to watch him lie there, Barns said from behind the camera, to see him calmly enjoying the day as the world ticked by.