Offset Speaks out After Cardi B Split

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"It's a lot, but just coming from me and to Cardi B and to our fans, to her family to her situation, these were never my intentions and I never wanted to break up a happy home".

The CBS clip finishes with a nice bit where Cardi returns to her old high school, surprising a class of current students.

"My relationship was never fake", Cardi added. I gave him a chance.

Offset saw a tumbleweed roll through Twitter on Sunday night after sharing how much he missed wife Cardi B.

On Tuesday (Dec. 4), Cardi announced that she and Offset were breaking up after over a year of marriage. "You think I got f**king pregnant, could have ruined my career for f**king publicity?"

Following the "Bodak Yellow" rapper's split announcement last week, haters began trolling Cardi and Offset's relationship, claiming their break-up was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Cardi said "It's unnecessary [to be involved in that kind of stuff]".

Last week, the rapper revealed that she and her husband "grew out of love" and that the two are planning to get divorced. "You know, a lot of people like to say "all publicity is good publicity" - to me it's not, because that takes away of people paying attention to your craft", she explained.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, but s-- happens", she said.

"So everybody been bugging me and everything and you know I've been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now", she said in the clip. People do fall in love.

"I learned a lot".

'But things just haven't been working out between us for a long for a long time, ' she continued, constantly fidgeting with her long red wig.