Deer poacher ordered to watch ‘Bambi’ repeatedly as part of sentence

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After being convicted of killing hundreds of deer, David Berry Jr was sentenced to a year in prison, but during his time behind bars he must also watch the classic Disney film Bambi as part of his punishment.

"Berry Jr.'s convictions are the tip of a long list of illegal fish and game activity by him and other members of his family", Lawrence County Conservation Agent Andy Barnes says of the almost nine-month long investigation that now ties 14 Missouri residents to more than 230 charges across 11 counties.

The men were guilty of violating numerous hunting laws, including hunting out of season, using prohibited weapons, such as lights that temporarily blind the deer, and killing the deer while cruising from inside a moving vehicle.

After an eight-and-a-half-month investigation, starting in 2015, into incidents in far-flung places like Kansas, Nebraska and Canada, Berry's dad, David Sr. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the investigation has tied 14 Missouri residents to over 230 criminal charges that occurred in 11 Missouri counties. An anonymous tip about deer poaching triggered the Missouri Department of Conservation's investigation.

Lawrence County Judge Robert George included the special addition to Berry's sentence due to the egregious nature of the case, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Over almost nine years, David Berry and his two sons, David Berry Jr and Kyle Berry, killed the deer, mostly at night, then cut off their heads and antlers - leaving the bodies to rot where they fell.

"Conservation investigators estimated that the group was responsible for killing hundreds of deer over a three-year period", Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Don Trotter said.

Missouri hunter David Berry Jr watch the Disney film Bambi repeatedly after being convicted in what is reportedly one of the state's biggest poaching cases.

The 1942 cartoon about woodland creatures shows a hunter kill the mother of eponymous deer character Bambi. According to the News Leader, they have paid $51,000 in fines and court costs.

Berry's family members, including his father, two brothers and another accomplice, lost some of their hunting privileges, the AP reported. Intentionally leaving or abandoning any portion of wildlife that is commonly used as human food is prohibited.