Black Mirror: Bandersnatch lands on Netflix this week

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The stories featured in Black Mirror have always introduced new ideas and advanced technology, so it makes sense that they attempt an interactive and engaging experience with their audience.

Bandersnatch is set to premiere on December 28. In true Black Mirror fashion, there's still a ton we don't know.

"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" stars Whitehead ("Dunkirk"), Asim Chaudhry ("People Just Do Nothing"), Will Poulter ("The Maze Runner"), and Alice Lowe ("Prevenge").

According to Netflix, "There are choices to be made, challenges to overcome, dangers to encounter and, as always in life (and Black Mirror), consequences to be had".

Choose the latter and words start to appear on the screen, explaining the concept of a streaming TV service from the future that you control.

Netflix reveal new details about Black Mirror's choose your own adventure episode
The New Black Mirror Film 'Bandersnatch' Is Out Soon

Bandersnatch follows a programmer in the 1980s, bent on recreating a choose-your-own-adventure novel (written by an author who went insane.) as a text-based computer game. Since this is a Black Mirror production, the lines between fantasy and reality are soon horrifyingly blurred. We'll have to wait until this weekend to see how the movie will turn out to be. She interacts with Whitehead's character early in the trailer.

Bandersnatch also has quite a role in pop culture - outside of the Black Mirror world. David Slade ("Hannibal") directed the special episode.

Netflix is also referenced in another post-credits scene after the "main" episode - ie Stefan's story from 1984 - where the tale of Bandersnatch is brought up to date.

Now though, the trailer for Bandersnatch has been released and the hype is certainly building.