You can now make Skype calls on Amazon Alexa devices

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You can use that credit to make worldwide calls or reach people who aren't on Skype. if you're opposed to using Alexa's built-in calling feature that does it for free.

Credit: Tom's GuideMicrosoft has announced that you can now use Echo devices to make Skype calls.

To add Skype to Alexa, users will have to link their accounts in Alexa's settings. Integration is simple, you connect your Skype account either in the Amazon Alexa app or via the web interface at

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Customers are being offered 100 free minutes of calls per month to link their Skype account to their Alexa account

Once the setup process is complete, you can start using Skype calling by saying " Alexa, call Dad on Skype" or " Alexa, call [number] on Skype". Microsoft is offering 100 free minutes for each of the first two months after linking Skype with Alexa. The good news is that Skype for Amazon Echo will be available in a handful of countries such as the US, India, Canada, and New Zealand, to name a few. Now the user is ready to make Skype calls using voice any time easily without much fuss. The list of Alexa devices that are compatible with the new service include Amazon Echo (Gen 1), Amazon Echo (Gen 2), Echo Plus (Gen 1), Echo Plus (Gen 2), Amazon Dot (Gen 2), Amazon Dot (Gen 3), Amazon Show (Gen 1), Amazon Show (Gen 2) and Amazon Echo Spot.

Just when you thought Alexa could do everything, another major feature drops. Meanwhile, Facebook has begun selling its Portal device, which does video-calling and very little else, making the arrival of Skype a major spoiler.