With Ohio State looming, MI still #4 in CFP

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But these games are also the most exciting and meaningful games of the season to the players, coaches and fan bases, as rivalry games bring out the greatest emotions, energy and effort.

If the playoff was held today, Alabama would face MI in a Cotton Bowl semifinal on December 29 while Clemson would play Notre Dame in an Orange Bowl semifinal on the same day. It's a choice between two teams that have been defined as much by their flaws as their biggest wins.

Alabama, Clemson , Notre Dame and MI were at the top of the College Football Playoff rankings Tuesday night, marking the first time in the five-year history of the postseason system that the same teams held the first four spots for three straight weeks.

LSU, Washington State, Central Florida and Ohio State round out the top ten.

The first two teams on the outside looking in continue to be No. 5 Georgia and No. 6 Oklahoma. Florida 12. Penn State 13. It won't be a definitive answer, but it certainly would shed some insight into which way the committee might lean on December 2. West Virginia faces No. 6 Oklahoma this week, and No. 14 Texas might get the Sooners next week in the Big 12 title game. Should Texas win again, the Big 12 likely would be eliminated from consideration because the Longhorns have three losses. Dwayne Haskins became the first player to throw for five touchdowns against MI. The continuity at the top is just slightly different from a week ago when the top 10 teams were unchanged from the previous week. All of that will surely be part of the conversation in the committee meeting room on Sunday.

"We spent considerable time talking about UCF and Ohio State", committee chair Rob Mullens told ESPN on Tuesday night.

Oklahoma has the better offense - but a worse defense.

Both have electric quarterbacks who have shouldered their teams to this point. At that point, wouldn't the committee have to give UCF a chance? UCF did play and pound Pittsburgh in September and the Panthers have turned out to be a good enough to reach the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game against Clemson in two weeks.

"We said while UCF might not have the depth of talent of Ohio State, the committee thought they're playing more as an all-around team", Mullens said. Is it three-loss Texas? UCF and LSU are No. 8 in this week's AP poll.

CFP executive director Bill Hancock has often said there is no glass ceiling on the Group of Five teams.