What Samsung's new foldable phone could actually look like

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The Samsung smartphone is not the first one of this nature. The next steps are rollable TVs and foldable handheld screens.

One UI's "clean and minimal design keeps the most relevant content on the bottom half of the screen - making it more natural and comfortable for one-handed use", said Samsung in a release.

According to Samsung Exynos' Twitter page, the company plans to show off the new Exynos processor on November 14th. The experience was reengineered to reduce clutter and distractions, allowing the user to better focus and quickly navigate their phone.

The new device is called J4 Core, and it's not much of a huge upgrade from the J2 Core.

"We expect to see foldable products from several Android manufacturers", he added.

Google's stripped-down "Android Go" operating system designed for budget phones is still going strong, and Samsung's upcoming Galaxy J4 Core is the latest example of that. A new foundation?Why would we want our displays to fold?

Samsung may have a number of competitors in the foldable smartphone space. The app experience transitions from the smaller display to the larger display as the device unfolds.

There is a high chance it will carry a price tag of around 2 million won ($1,790).

Royole showed off its FlexPai phone to journalists on Monday, with Samsung following suit with a foldable Galaxy X smartphone on Wednesday. The app developers for Android have also to be kept in the loop to adapt to these changes.

Reporters at the American technology network The Verge, and digital media website Mashable, were among those to get their hands on Royole's FlexPai device at the event in San Francisco.

Bixby started as a practical way to use voice to interact with the phone.