USA police fire tear gas at migrants trying to cross from Mexico

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Some Christians are denouncing the White House's "cruelty" after President Donald Trump's administration defended federal agents' use of tear gas at the U.S. -Mexico border. While cross-border shootings are not common, they do occur.

What started as a peaceful march spiraled out of control Sunday as migrants heading toward a pedestrian border crossing were met by Mexican police trying to block their path, journalists at the scene told CNN.

Appearing to defend her agency's response to the hundreds of migrants who approached the U.S. -Mexico border on Sunday, Nielsen said she would not "tolerate" any kind of "lawlessness" from anyone hoping to seek asylum in the U.S. A photo of her clutching the hands of twin five-year-old daughters Saira and Cheili, as her 13-year-old daughter Jamie runs alongside, has gone viral and sparked angry reactions from some lawmakers and charities.

"If they're launching tear gas, it's better to head somewhere else", he said.

Her young son James almost fainted when a canister landed near him.

Given the extensive fortifications at the United States border, the migrants' push to cross the border was doomed, even if they held out hopes that they somehow would be able to get through.

About 5,000 Central American migrants have been staying at a sports center in Tijuana for more than a week.

Trump went further saying Mexico should send the Central Americans, mostly Hondurans, back home.

"Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries", Trump said Monday on Twitter.

us agents fired tear gas into Mexico Sunday to stop some migrants who tried to breach the border. Now, critics aren't backing down once again after border agents used tear gas against migrant children attempting to seek asylum.

The San Ysidro Port of Entry, located between Tijuana and San Diego, had to be closed for hours Sunday after the incident. Mexican Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete accused some of the migrants of attempting to cross from Tijuana in a "violent way", and said they would be deported. Mexico has been in negotiations with the United States over a possible plan to keep migrants in Mexico while their asylum claims are processed.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum on Friday declared a humanitarian crisis in his border city of 1.6 million, which he says is struggling to accommodate the crush of migrants. "These are people, they call them 'grabbers, ' they grab a child because they think they're going to have a certain status by having a child". He also described CBP as having responded with use of force to primarily adult males throwing rocks.

Around 500 men, women and children, part of a caravan of roughly 5,000 mainly Hondurans who have been trekking towards the USA for weeks, scrambled over a rusted metal fence and surged into a concrete riverbed towards San Diego on Sunday.

The chaos comes as US and Mexican officials wrangle over the issue of migration and discuss how to deal with asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico.