Shark victim one of 10 on private charter

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A MAN has tragically died after being mauled by a shark at Cid Harbour, in Queensland's Whitsundays.

Shark control equipment had been temporarily placed in Cid Harbour following the first two attacks but was removed on September 27 after the potentially unsafe sharks were removed.

"The man was then relayed to the shore before being transported to Mackay Hospital where he later passed away", the spokesman said in a statement.

In September, 12-year-old Melbourne girl Hannah Papps lost her right leg in a shark attack while swimming in shallow water in Cid Harbour.

Australia has seen a total of 17 shark attacks this year, killing one and leaving 16 injured.

He had dived into the water to give the woman her turn on the board when the shark attacked, O'Connell said.

After the attack the man was pulled aboard a nearby boat.

"CPR was ongoing for a very long time and every effort was made to save the man's life", he said.

Four tiger sharks in the region were subsequently culled and aquatic traps were laid out by the Queensland government.

"With the program, it's a combination of not only Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers, but it's also contractors, so a lot of the contractors go out and inspect the lines and the nets so they are not covered by the action", he said.

Shark researchers are still unsure what has contributed to the rise in shark attacks, citing insufficient evidence to come to a scientific conclusion.

Sea World's director of marine sciences Trevor Long said our three most risky sharks all had different feeding patterns but there were similarities in the way they hunted their prey. The scene is what you would imagine a shark attack to be like. The shark bite left her bleeding profusely and needing emergency surgery, Seven News reported.

"Daniel is a rare individual who is constantly enthusiastic and positive", Prof O'Connell said.

"I've been in the Whitsunday area on and off for 30 years and apart from some minor nips and bites I've never heard of substantial attacks like what we've seen in these three attacks".

At that time, the Queensland Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner urged visitors to the area to remain vigilant "and to avoid swimming to reduce the risk of any further shark attacks".

"We can't be clearer - don't swim in Cid Harbour", he said.