Officials order evacuations as Camp Fire threatens Northern California

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"We were able to get them home pretty quick", he said.

Two separate calls to emergency responders reported a woman in labor for a "high-risk" pregnancy was in a vehicle on the side of Clark Road, the newspaper reported.

"We're getting them on other vehicles with room". It's very surreal. Things always work out, but the unknown is a little scary. "That's when I made a decision to get out".

Paradise is popular with retirees, and has a population of about 27,000. Evacuations have been ordered in Butte County per CALFIRE. The fire was spreading at a rapid rate after it sparked around 6:30 a.m., expanding from 1,000 to 18,000 acres in a matter of hours.

"We hope the winds will die down around midnight", he said.

The dry heat and limited rainfall - in some places, no rainfall at all - contributed to the fire's spread.


A hospital and several schools were evacuated as thick grey smoke and ash filled the sky above Paradise and could be seen from miles away.

At the hospital in Paradise, more than 60 patients were evacuated to other facilities and some buildings caught fire and were damaged.

"Had he not put out that fire, I would not have made it to the auto", she said. State fire authorities said they could not confirm the reports.

This photo taken from video provided by CBS2/KCAL9 shows a wildfire burning in Camarillo.

Gina Oviedo said there was fire everywhere as she got out of the town of Paradise about 180 miles (290 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco on Thursday.

A statue sits on the deck of a burning home as the Camp Fire moves through the area on November 8, 2018 in Paradise, California. "All patients are being transported to surrounding area hospitals", a statement said.

Four of the hospital's employees were briefly trapped in the basement and rescued by California Highway Patrol officers, Kinney said.

Resident Shari Bernacett told the Associated Press she "knocked on doors, yelled and screamed" to get mobile home residents in her area to leave as fire consumed the hillside.

She and her husband "knocked on doors, yelled and screamed" to alert as numerous residents of 53 mobile homes and recreational vehicles as possible to leave, Bernacett said. She said people left their vehicles and ran when they started hearing explosions. "God help us!" Bernacett said before breaking down crying.

"We had to drive through flames to make it out safely", she said.