Nevada Dems lead early voting turnout 41% to 38%

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"As someone who voted with President Trump 62 percent of the time previous year and has worked to bring folks on both sides of the political aisle together, I'm happy to have President Trump and Vice President Pence back in Indiana". Just four years after entering the national political stage, he has made the Republican Party his own and has firmly ensconced himself as the point around which the rest of the right rotates. Forecasts indicate Democrats will take back the House while Republicans will retain control of the Senate. And though the stock market shuddered last month due to concerns over rising interest rates, the US-China trade war and a handful of disappointing earnings reports, American consumers expect the happy times to continue into early next year.

One spot, titled "Murder, Gangs, Terrorism", attacks Democrat Ron DiNicola, a Marine veteran and lawyer running against GOP Rep. Mike Kelly in a conservative-learning Pennsylvania district, for representing "a Mexican drug lord who tortured and murdered a USA agent". If the 51-49 Republican edge in the Senate holds, the Democrats would still have a path to a majority with victories in Colorado and North Carolina in 2020. Set to dramatic music, it gives voters two choices: an orderly America with a booming economy that Republicans alone can deliver, or the "left's America" beset by chaos.

It has always been believed that the Democrats are more likely to win the House than the Senate, because several of the Senate seats in play are held by Democrats in traditionally conservative states. But while they may be able to take the House, clinching the Senate will be much harder.

All told, at least seven House Republican seats once considered safe are now in play as a result of the redrawn map in Pennsylvania. The drug remains illegal at the federal level, which is why crossing the border has become more complicated for Canadians working or partaking in the newly legalized pot industry. "A citizen deserves to have a competitive election".

Trump campaigned for Braun on Friday and is heading back to the midwestern state for another Braun rally on Monday. "That's what is putting hard-working Americans to work, and that's what is putting more money in their pockets".

President Donald Trump touted USA economic growth and painted a grim picture on immigration in rallies with Republican candidates before Tuesday's elections as Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden urged voters to reject division. Intention to vote is up 24 per cent among liberals, 18 per cent among moderates and 20 per cent among Democrat-leaning independents.

Parscale said the new ad would start running nationally Friday night and the campaign had purchased $1.5 million in airtime to run it.

Both presidents were enjoying high approval ratings at the time, according to Gallup - which pegs Trump's current approval at 40%.

The party also is outpacing the Republicans by a margin of two-to-one in fundraising, a discrepancy that has not been seen in recent history.

Generally it concludes that the Democrats maintain an advantage over the Republicans but the gap has narrowed from mid-year. On Thursday, he was able to showcase Republican backing by appearing with about a dozen Republicans, including a former state senator, a former state representative and a staffer to a former Republican governor.

Despite the difficulties of determining how big the group is, the United Nations said that more than 7,000 people had joined the caravan since October 22.

"It is not a right-wing organization".

"When we're fixing a problem or fixed a problem, there's no reason to go on about it for 45 minutes".

The critics expressed concern over Perry's votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act - Obama's signature healthcare program - and its insurance protections for people with preexisting medical conditions.

"This Tuesday I need the people of IN to send a message to Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the radical Democrats by voting for Mike Braun", Trump said as the crowd erupted IN boos.

"They're not about to come out and endorse George, even though they've told me in private that they'll vote for him".