#FacebookDown Erupts On Twitter As Facebook, Instagram Experience Outages

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Although its reputation hasn't been irreversibly destroyed - not because of the server crash at least - but users across the globe were left in a limbo as Facebook suffered perhaps its biggest-ever outage.

According to the portal, most people have reported a total Facebook blackout (44%), 33% have problems logging in with their name and password, and 21% have reported problems with Facebook applications.

It's not clear right now how many users are affected. The feature has been specifically created to help with Facebook addiction, but also to enable users to better manage their social networking.

And the company confirmed the outages in an email to the news outlet.

This is the second time this month users of the platform reported the site not operating at its full potential.

Facebook map on Downdetector shows the East coast having is experiencing most problems across the country.

We already have this option on our Facebook app at the time of writing, and from the looks of it, the recorded time spent is strictly based on the device you're using. "We're working to resolve the issue as soon as possible", a Facebook spokesperson tells Mashable in a statement.

Facebook's outage appears to be global.

FACEBOOK and Instagram have been hit by a service outage as some users around the world report being unable to access the social networks.