Dozens Of Yemeni Rebels Killed In Red Sea Port City - Medics

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"An end to the conflict is. a much-needed step but it needs to be complemented with investment and governance of this country that puts the interest of the people at the center and the interest of the children at the core of politics", Mr.Cappelaere said.

Fifty-three Huthi rebels were killed and dozens were injured over the past 24 hours, medical sources in the area said.

'Yemen is today a living hell - not for 50 to 60 per cent of the children - it is a living hell for every boy and girl in Yemen, ' he told a news conference in the Jordanian capital.

On Thursday, the government said it was ready to restart peace talks with the Houthis after talks collapsed in September.

"Despite the appeals, fighting continued on Friday, with the Saudi-led coalition saying it had attacked Sanaa International Airport and an adjoining air base being used by Houthi insurgents". Without action, up to 14 million people - half of Yemen's population - could be at risk in the coming months, up from 8 million who are now facing starvation, said Guterres. He added that the adjoining Sanaa global airport was still open to air traffic from the United Nations and other relief agencies.

He said during a telephone call with Yemeni military commander Abdulkarim al-Sadey that the Houthis will be defeated in the Maran region, adding that victory was near.

According to the World Health Organisation, almost 10,000 people have since been killed.

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, a special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), appealed for an immediate ceasefire.

"UN member states must end their deafening silence on Saudi Arabia and do their duty of scrutinising the cruelty in the kingdom in order to prevent further outrageous human rights violations in the country and in Yemen", Samah Hadid, Amnesty International's Middle East director of campaigns, said in a statement.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday pleaded for a halt to violence to pull Yemen back from the "precipice".

The conflict in Yemen, the Arab world's poorest country and home to an estimated 28 million people, began with the 2014 takeover of the capital, Sanaa, by Houthi rebels, who toppled the internationally recognised government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The Saudi-led coalition backing the exiled government accuses the Houthis of acting as Iran's proxy.

Earlier in the day, the Yemeni government forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition rapidly advanced and pushed the Houthis back from several areas in Hodeidah amid intensified airstrikes.

Yemeni children are dying from starvation and disease as trucks with life-saving supplies are blocked in port, leaving medical staff and desperate mothers imploring aid workers to do more, a senior United Nations official said.