Beto ORourke Says F Word in 2018 Midterm Elections Speech

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Ted Cruz (R), and shared that he called Cruz, wished him well, and pledged to do whatever is necessary to bring Democrats and Republicans together. It was a contest of who we are and what we believe. Early voting in the state's 30 largest counties alone already exceeded the total number of ballots cast during the 2014 midterm elections in Texas.

Beto O'Rourke grabbed glowing national headlines by visiting all 254 Texas counties and often drawing large crowds - even in fiercely conservative areas other Democrats had long since written off. His statewide campaign galvanized voters in every Texas district, and he may well be credited with pulling a few Democratic representatives to victory. "They're energized", Cruz said Monday. It was seen as not only a referendum on the Trump presidency, but also issues of gender, race, and violence.

Cruz scoffs at the notion that O'Rourke could beat him.

Cruz is projected to win their close Senate race in Texas. Though more recent ones indicate that the senator has regained his footing and maintained a modest lead, the race has gone from cakewalk to far closer than expected.

Trump took the unexpected step of travelling to reliably Republican Texas during crunch time, staging a Houston rally to energise his base for Cruz just two weeks before Election Day.

All told, he raised a whopping amount - more than US$70 million.

"That's the first news of the evening...they can now open investigations into the President and we can finally find out if Donald Trump has ever done anything unethical", Colbert, 54, stated according to The Hollywood Reporter.