Backlash over costs of Amazon HQ2 locating to New York, Virginia

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"Either you're part of the economy of tomorrow or you're part of the economy of yesterday", Cuomo said during yesterday's press conference.

"It's a frightful deal for New York City and it's a waste of $3 billion in taxpayer money to a company that doesn't need it", Gianaris said in an interview Wednesday.

In New York, the company will receive "performance-based direct incentives of $1.525 billion" over the next decade based on creating 25,000 jobs in Long Island City.

Governor Cuomo wasn't the only NY politician spinning the Amazon news for all he was worth.

"Long Island City doesn't strike me as high on the list for needing extensive tax incentives to stimulate economic development", Don Peebles, a NY real estate developer told the Associated Press.

"I'm not against jobs, but I am against jobs that cost $3 billion in public money", Gianaris said.

As details of Amazon's plans for its new headquarters in Queens, New York and Arlington, Virginia come into view, local officials in New York spoke out on Wednesday against their state's decision to give away a total of almost $3 billion in taxpayer money to the company as an incentive for supposedly bringing new jobs to New York City-money that could be used to benefit residents and the local economy rather than subsidize the corporate giant.

If any place in America can absorb 25,000 Amazon jobs without disruption, it may well be Crystal City, where almost that many jobs have vanished the last 15 years. Maryland and New Jersey each dangled more than $7 billion in tax credits and other sweeteners in hopes of securing a single "full equal" headquarters to Amazon's Seattle home.

Arlington county is also promising to give Amazon a share of its hotel tax, which it said would add up to $23 million over 15 years if Amazon meets its predicted job-creation targets. The company will also donate a site for a public primary and intermediate school in the area.

National Landing was not an invention of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, but was instead dreamed up by local economic development officials, who created it as part of their attempt to lure the e-commerce giant. This summer, he announced a new philanthropic fund that will create a network of tuition-free preschools.

In a series of tweets, the developer David Heinemeier Hansson, of Ruby on Rails fame, accused Bezos, the richest man in the world, of extracting "blatant loot" from cities in a move of "total domination". Michael Gianaris, a Queens lawmaker who described the offered funds as a "ransom" NY was paying.

New York Assemblyman Michael Blake takes the podium.

Christian Dorsey, the vice chair of the Arlington County Board, said they will need to ensure the workers Amazon brings to the region are going to be able to afford it. "But if we do not invest quickly in a strong effort to build new types of housing and an aggressive transportation network, we will not only be pushing away new jobs, but we will be crippling our lives". Roughly one-third of residents in Washington, D.C., and 40 percent in NY pay more than 30 percent of their income on housing, the groups, which include LeRoy's Good Jobs First, pointed out.

And Amazon's final selections suggest that all the subsidies and giveaways probably weren't needed, other economists said. And the city and state will help arrange a private helipad for the company nearby.

Just look to the Pacific Northwest, where both Amazon and Seattle have transformed dramatically together and sometimes at odds over the past 24 years, prompting resentment among a certain crowd of wistful "mossback" natives.

TF Cornerstone will team up with the tech company to build 1.15 million square feet of office space on the Anable Basin properties it controls.

Amazon's requested perks include not just money, but a helipad at its planned new locations in Long Island City and National Landing - a tall order, given that Crystal City now falls within a flight restricted zone where the only allowed flights are those that go through the airport or have to do with law enforcement and the military.

There's another cash grant of $325 million based on the company occupying a certain amount of office space. Local governments said they've committed to spend $570 million on a collection of projects that will directly benefit Amazon's new employees. No mention was made of Amazon at the time.

While the NY deal is worth more for Amazon, it also comes with more requirements than the Virginia agreement.