Amazon Throws Curveball Near the End of HQ2 Saga

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Cleveland's bid for the Amazon HQ2 project was feeble and not remotely transparent.

If it comes to fruition, it'll be a shady move on Amazon's part. Then the New York Times confirmed the WSJ's scoop and added that New York City and a suburb of Washington, D.C., would get the highly sought after offices.

Amazon's headquarters are in Seattle, where the company's "urban campus" is woven into the fabric of the city. It also proposed real estate sites for the facility. He said numerous concerns expressed about Denver's ability to handle the infrastructure demands an Amazon headquarters would have brought may have been valid.

In recent months, the company also reportedly revisited some of the bigger cities such as Miami, Chicago and New York City, according to the Wall Street Journal. However, he adds, don't count out a finalist like Newark, New Jersey, which would offer not only a talent pool and transportation access, but also would enable Amazon to deliver a "social impact", given that roughly one-fourth of Newark's residents live in poverty. Instead of Arlington, Virginia, Sperling suggests that Amazon should consider building its own community in Oatlands, Virginia, which is now rural and undeveloped, but still relatively close to D.C.

This is a path Amazon has been going down for nearly 10 years.

Diane Hessan picked Washington, D.C., or Northern Virginia in a bet with fellow Harvard Business School alumni.

Roy Cooper said state officials haven't heard anything from Amazon about the status of the tech giant's second headquarters. He also was "puzzled by the idea of picking one location and growing it to 50,000 people".

The world's largest online retailer sparked a bidding frenzy in September 2017 when it announced it would invest over $5 billion to create an "HQ2" in addition to its home base in Seattle and hire up to 50,000 people.

And losing HQ2 isn't a awful thing for Boston - for many reasons.

"I'll change my name to Amazon Cuomo if that's what it takes", he said. "If HQ2 were here, the war for talent goes code red, and I'm not sure that's a great thing for Boston". As Mac Clouse, a finance professor in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, points out, numerous qualities Amazon said it wanted in a city described Denver pretty accurately.

Amazon's announcement over a year ago that they would establish a second headquarters that is a "full equal" to their original headquarters in Seattle was seen as a snub of the city.

All those developments - plus losing HQ2 - makes Boston a "double victor", in Wilcox's view.

Selecting those areas would bring more jobs to places that already have plenty. While those kinds of jobs would be fantastic to have in the future, "we need to add housing and transport first", added Wilcox, who previously ran the Billerica company E Ink, which supplies screens for Amazon's Kindle readers.

Insiders have been buzzing about Crystal City being a top pick for HQ2 for some time.

The company's current market value is about $800 billion and analysts estimate Amazon will generate more than $230 billion in sales this year, according to FactSet. He noted that while these other companies come with tremendous economic gain, they aren't at such a size that they fundamentally disrupt Denver's business ecosystem.