People are not happy about Melania Trump's outfits on her African tour

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Melania Trump also visited a children's orphanage in Nairobi and was went to the National Theatre where she saw children performing. At this time, Melania trump decided against wearing heels, opting for flats, which is matched to clothing. Photo credit: jimhealth.tvMelania Trump being warmly received in Malawi as she touched down from Ghana. Video footage of her time in the park shows Trump appearing to enjoy herself while feeding formula to baby elephants. She seemed to ponder the question.

The first lady's Africa wardrobe had a definite "safari chic" vibe.

But, what caught the attention of many people especially the media was the white hat she was wearing. "We must always do our best to preserve such important historical sites, and I was so pleased to learn of the work that USAID has done to help with preservation efforts at the base of the Sphinx". Moreover, the Trump administration loosened restrictions on the import of African elephant trophies a year ago, sparking criticism from conservationists.

According to a statement by the Egyptian presidency on Saturday, El-Sisi expressed to Mrs Trump Egypt's keenness on boosting the special strategic partnership between the two countries.

The event will celebrate the Centenary of the end of the Great War, with other heads of state likely to attend. Then, in Malawi, the first lady visited a primary school that has been struggling with high enrollment and donated 1.4 million books, school supplies, and soccer balls.

A beaming US First Lady Melania Trump greets flower girls at Cairo International Airport flanked by her Egyptian counterpart Intissar Amer al-Sisi.

President Donald Trump has not visited Africa since taking office in January 2017. Still, Melania stands behind her husband even if she doesn't agree with how he handles his social media presence.

Her husband on Thursday tweeted: "Our country's great First Lady, Melania, is doing really well in Africa".

During her trip, the first lady's focus has been on humanitarian efforts, specifically those funded by U.S. government aid, and those that work to better the lives of children. The insider also went on to say that Melania thinks "Michelle Obama was never under this much of a microscope when it came to her fashion choices", but, uh, for the record, conservatives loved to criticize Michelle Obama for baring her arms in sleeveless dresses.