Mesut Ozil backs by Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Turkey will resist USA efforts to impose sanctions on Ankara over the trial of a Christian pastor who has been detained for two years, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday, accusing the preacher of having "dark links with terror".

The inauguration on Saturday capped a controversial three-day state visit aimed at repairing frayed ties with Berlin after two years of tensions.

Mr Erdogan's full state visit came just one-and-a-half-months after Turkey endured a currency crisis which saw the lira plunge some 40 per cent in a spat with the United States that highlighted the importance of Ankara's economic ties to Europe.

The Turkish-German relations took a hard hit following the failed military coup attempt in July 2016.

During his stay in Berlin, Erdogan met twice with Angela Merkel for talks, with both leaders signaling their interest in a cautious rapprochement.

But Ankara seems to have adopted a language more conciliatory at a time when its relations with Washington deteriorate and its economy, heavily dependent on trade with Europe, bat wing.

"In a critical period, we have made a fruitful, successful visit to Germany", Erdogan told guests at the opening of the Central Mosque.

Excluding at this stage for a resumption of negotiations for the accession of Turkey to the EU, which have been frozen for several years, it is estimated that Turkey could expect a modernization of the customs Union which links, to the block, but not before the european Parliament elections in may 2019.

Since in mid-2016, arms sales from Germany to Turkey have fallen dramatically.

"We will continue to protect our citizens, wherever they may be", - said Erdogan.

The rhetoric escalated to the point where Erdogan called Germany's mainstream parties "enemies of Turkey" and accused German officials of acting like Nazis, prompting Merkel to condemn his comments.

"It will be a long and arduous road toward normalisation", he said.