Google Updates Assistant on Phones with a New Touch-Friendly Design

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With that in mind, it's sensible to make it easier to use the Google Assistant app while utilizing either method.

The revamp makes the app a more visual experience, with Google acknowledging that while the Assistant is a voice-activated tool, touch is also a key component.

Google now offers brands new tools to take advantage of mobile devices for search results.

For example, when you ask Google Assistant to dim your lights, it will now show you the relevant slider and will let you adjust the dimmer right from the Google Assistant screen.

On Android phones, it's now easier to access an overview of your day. You can already use it to control pretty much everything smart in your and even buy physical goods through it using only your voice.

Google Assistant, first introduced with the Pixel phones in 2016, is the evolution of Google's artificial intelligence. Once you're in the Assistant (Long press that home button) and swipe up on your screen to see a list of what's happening in your day and recent interactions with the Assistant.

Expect more brands to start taking advantage of Assistant's improved touch elements as well, as new tools are available to developers just for that goal. This means 'Starbucks now has thumbnails to select from recommended items on their menus, Food Network has larger images of their recipes, and FitStar uses GIFs to give you a preview of your workout'. The redesign is going live on both iOS and Android starting today. But now, they will also be able to sell digital goods, including one time purchases like upgrades and recurring subscriptions directly within Action. Additionally, with Google Sign-In users can use their voice to login and link accounts on smart speakers with the Assistant.

Finally, Google Assistant will now work better for brands which want to use Assistant features.