China Denies Spying On Trump’s iPhone, Suggests He Should Switch To Huawei

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But despite China's amusing reaction, the NYT report raises serious alarms in regards to both President's Trump understanding of security protocols, but also the mobile telephony protocols, through which Chinese and Russian spies are allegedly spying on the president's mobile calls.

A spokeswoman for the China Foreign Ministry has suggested President Trump switch to a Huawei phone after the New York Times reported that Chinese and Russian spies are most likely tapping the US President's iPhones.

When asked about the report at a regular news briefing, a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said: "Certain people in the USA are sparing no efforts to win the best screenplay award at the Oscars".

It's hardly surprising, then, that both China and Russian Federation have been listening in on the president's calls.

During an appearance on CNN after Trump's tweet, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said the paper stands by the story, adding: "The story was not boring".

The report shows Trump uses those channels because he wants to hide the private phone calls from his White House staff, who say the president is actually too ill-informed to reveal classified intelligence.

"This just provides more evidence of the New York Times creating fake news", Ms Hua said in Beijing, borrowing a favourite Trump line.

The New York Times cited USA officials as saying China was seeking to use information from the president's calls to learn what Trump thinks, whom he listens to and how best to influence him.

The US Democratic National Committee warned party candidates running in November elections not to use devices from Huawei or ZTE, another major Chinese telecoms gear-maker.

In a statement today, Hua Chunying, the official spokesperson of China's foreign ministry, said if the USA is anxious about an iPhone being tapped, maybe Trump should switch to a Huawei device instead.

Trump pushed back against the idea that he uses insecure cellphones, tweeting Thursday that he only uses government phones "and have only one seldom used government cell phone".

US President Donald Trump likes to tweet and make calls from a personal iPhone. "Story is soooo wrong!" the president said. It also claimed he does not regularly swap out the two government-issued phones, which he reportedly uses for apps like Twitter, despite suggestions to do so. "We can't hand over our government to someone whose deepest, darkest secrets may be in the hands of our enemies", Trump said that June.

Hua compared the report to "fake news". According to administration officials, Trump has two cell phones, one for Twitter and one for making calls, and has gone as long as five months without having the latter checked by security experts.