Airline says passenger died in South Pacific plane crash

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This has been confirmed by other passengers that the unaccounted person had safely evacuated the aircraft and he was seen in one of the local dinghies that were assisting with transporting the passengers and crew to the shore. All 47 passengers and crew survived a plane's crash landing in a Pacific lagoon Friday morning, wading through waist-deep water to the emergency exits and escaping on local boats that came to the rescue in the Micronesia archipelago. "Initial on scene reports had indicated that all passengers and crew had been safely evacuated from the aircraft".

The team was on hand working on improving the wharf area in Chuuk and other operations, the Navy said.

An Air Niugini spokeswoman did not immediately respond on Monday to a request for an update on the search for the passenger and for further details about him, including his nationality.

But Air Niugini chief executive Tahawar Durrani said the man's body was found by divers in the lagoon on Monday.

Two people have since been released from hospital, with the four remaining in stable condition and being transported to Guam for further treatment.

What caused the crash and the exact sequence of events remains unclear.

Air Niugini chairman Kosta Constaninou said witnesses reported seeing the passenger board a dinghy as U.S. divers and locals rescued the passengers and crew from the sinking plane.

"This is the unaccounted passenger from the aircraft".

"Our outreach team is in touch with the man's family and we are making arrangements to repatriate his body", Durrani said. We are committing all required resources to ascertain the factors that led to this accident.