Air India flight hits airport wall before take-off

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Also in September, an Air India aircraft landed on the wrong runway, which was under-construction, posing a threat to the lives of 136 passengers and four crew members on board. The badly damaged plane, later, diverted to Mumbai, which is around 690 miles away from the site of the accident. The pilot and the co-pilot of the aircraft during the incident has been suspended until the investigation is completed. While the source said the flight had to make an emergency landing at the airport due to issues with hydraulic fuel, a spokesperson of the national carrier claimed there was a hydraulic fuel "shortage".

SALT LAKE CITY ― A flight going from Trichy, India, to Dubai was diverted to Mumbai after flying three hours in an aircraft that had received extensive damage during take off, according to CNN. The pilot in command reported that the aircraft systems were operating normally.

An Air India plane suffered damage after smashing into a wall during takeoff.

However, Dubai airport officials refused to allow the plane to land under the presumption that it was risky to allow it as the tyre had been slightly damaged, throwing the passengers on board into another round of anxiety. The plane landed in Mumbai around 5.35 am.

4 hours of anxiety for passengers of damaged AI plane
The officials said the 50-foot compound wall and the barbed fence at the airport were damaged due to the impact

In a statement, the airline said that the pilot-in-command with flying experience of 3,600 hours on Boeing 737 aircraft, including 500 hours as commander, and the first officer with about 3,000 hours of experience on the aircraft have been "de-rostered pending investigation". A regular "safety compliance report" of all airlines will also be prepared by Government aviation agencies.

The Director General of Civil Aviation will investigate the incident, a senior airport official was quoted saying NDTV.

Air traffic in India is booming but Mr Prabhu said on Twitter that the "safety of the passengers is of paramount importance for us".