National Walkout Held in Support of Kavanaugh Accuser

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"The FBI must investigate ALL allegations", the California senator said. Ramirez claimed that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a dorm room party and detailed the alleged incident in a New Yorker article. Hoping to head that off, he and his GOP supporters went on offense, including the release of a letter he sent the Judiciary panel accusing his opponents of launching "smears, pure and simple".

Ford and Kavanaugh are slated to testify Thursday before the Judiciary panel.

White House spokesperson Kerri Kupec dismissed Ramirez´s allegation as "the latest in a coordinated smear campaign by the Democrats created to tear down a good man".

In the run-up to an appearance by Kavanaugh and his main accuser at a dramatic Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Trump called the accusations "totally political" and among "the single most unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything".

The #BelieveSurvivors walkout on Monday was initially planned after Ford's allegation against Kavanaugh was known publicly.

Schuette has aligned himself with Trump and has received the president's endorsement.

The controversy over Kavanaugh is unfolding just weeks before November 6 congressional elections in which Democrats are trying to take control of Congress from Trump's fellow Republicans, against a backdrop of the #MeToo movement fighting sexual harassment and assault.

Schuette's statement that the confirmation process should move forward comes as Democrats urge Kavanaugh to withdraw and as their calls grew louder for an FBI investigation into the claims against him.

The New Yorker identifies the woman as 53-year-old Deborah Ramirez.

Trump contended that Ford´s decision to wait so late before going public shows the incident probably was not "as bad as she says" - even if this runs counter to what experts say is the typical reaction of sexual assault victims afraid or embarrassed to report.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the committee's chairman, said on Sunday the committee will "evaluate" Ramirez's allegations against Kavanaugh.

"They can not get their arms around the fact that women do not make these things up", Hirono said. "We were sitting in a circle", she said.

A second woman, Deborah Ramirez, accused him in an article published in the New Yorker magazine on Sunday of sexual misconduct during the 1983-84 academic year when both attended Yale University. We know that Ford's assertion that she sought medical treatment for the alleged incident is a crock. "The behavior she describes would be completely out of character for Brett", the statement reads.

The Associated Press tried reaching Ramirez at her home in Boulder, Colorado.

Senior Republican staffers have likewise learned of the allegation and expressed concern about its impact on the nomination, The New Yorker added. Kavanaugh denies the accusation.

Kavanaugh is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, including a report Sunday by The New Yorker magazine that dates to Kavanaugh's time as an undergraduate at Yale University in the 1980s. They show (see below) that for two days all the Judiciary Committee requested from Ramirez was a statement and information concerning her willingness to speak with committee representatives.

McConnell also insinuated that a staffer leaked Ford's letter-in which Ford informed Democratic lawmakers of her allegation-at the last hour for political reasons.

The Times had interviewed several dozen people over the past week in an attempt to corroborate her story, and could find no one with firsthand knowledge. There is power in our solidarity, and in letting the Senate Republicans know we aren't going to stand for their disrespectful disregard for survivors of sexual harassment and assault.