Fortnite's Halloween-inspired Season 6 introduces strategy-altering Shadow Stones

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On the plus side, though, Shadow Stones have returned after a brief hiatus from the game.

Players are able to explore Fortnite's map changes and purchase season six's new Battle Pass.

Season 6 of Fortnite will last about 11 weeks, with new weekly challenges coming out for those who get the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks.

The method we used to find a Supply Llama was to drop in either in the extreme north or extreme south of the map and follow the river through the valley towards Loot Lake at the centre of the map.

Every game needs balance and Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, know this well.

Season five ended with the game's long-moving cube dissolving into Loot Lake and turning the surface bouncy.

You can now have a pet in 'Fortnite, ' which sits in your backpack.

The Season 6, Week 1 challenges can be found below. However you are much faster and can dash forward for even greater speed.

Epic Games has made some big weapon changes in season six, and a lot of players won't like them.

Epic has vaulted the suppressed submachine gun, impulse grenade, light machine gun and remote explosives as well.

There are three pets in all being introduced in season 6, and they're all exclusive to the Battle Pass. You'll want to head here once you've unlocked the loading screen to gain access to 10 Battle Stars that will undoubtedly help ranking up your Battle Pass. This maximises the time that you can search a red heatmap area, and probably won't run into too many other people. We appreciate your patience and will update you once we've resolved the issue.